Tours are conducted using train, subway and taxi service when needed.

Hello and thanks for Ladies and Gentleman who kindly visit this homepage!

I am Hideo Kashima. I have gained the Government Licensed Tour Guide.
When you allow me to show you around Japan, I will try to help you to make interesting experience which include not only your standard knowledge by your pre-reading but also unbiased true stories. You may be able to get special information and be impressed for Japanese traditional culture and the background history of each scenic spots and so-on.

I can offer you two ways to request me a guide for your tour as follows.

<Case1> Please visit below my URL and request me a guide of already registered tour plans or any custom request.

<Case2> Please use my this URL and open “Contact” page to write a request referring my “Blog” pages.

Former Job experience:
– Semiconductor design & marketing manager of Japanese Electric Company
Five years job experience of marketing in USA
– Quality manager of global Electric Component Company
Interest things:
– Sending tour information by blog, training my body, reading books and listening music of Jazz & J-pop

Primary itinerary
The customized private tours in Japan. Examples are as follows.

  • Sightseeing of natural scenic spots, historical landmark and cultural assets
  • Strolling of the bustling streets & town such as Ginza and Shinjyuku
  • Traditional performing arts & events enjoyment such as Kabuki & Sumo-training
  • Famous relaxation spots enjoyment such as Onsen and Japanese bar
  • Crafts art of Japan experience such as Sake brewery and Bonsai museum

Examples of tour content I can offer to you as follows.

I offer the customized private tours of Japan that you and your family are looking forward to enjoying the un-experienced sightseeing and the various events. I can arrange your tour for your personal interests so you can enjoy the best effective way without spending other items that you are not interested in.

Tours are conducted using train, subway and taxi service when needed.

  • Great Buddha at Kamakura: Why that has survived for more than 500years?
  • Kamakura: Ancient capital of Japanese worriers
  • Technology transfer of Construction technic from five-pagoda in ancient era to Tokyo Sky-tree world tallest communication tower in the world
  • How Lake-Ashinoko in Hakone had been appeared?
  • Ginza/Tokyo: The best restaurant and shopping spots
  • Relaxation resorts of Onsen (Japanese hot spring): Kusatsu, Ikaho, Takarayama in Gunma and Hakone in Kanagawa
  • Several famous museum in Hakone and Tokyo
Tours are conducted using train, subway and taxi service when needed.