Hakone Shrine power spot to encourage people

I visited Hakone Shrine inside Hakone sightseeking resort the other day.

During the observation of the Shrine, I acquired the knowledge about Hakone Shrine for the first time and felt of the historical importance of this Shrine.
Following is my knowledge aquired.

As the Japanese proverb says, “Win the world is nothing to the back of the Hakone”, Hakone Shrine is one of the best power spot Shrine in the East of Japan.  It is said that the Shrine bring the power to people who plan to do business and lead daily life for good marriage, traffic safety, exorcism, prayer of school success , safe child birth and prosperous business so that everything is going smoothly.
Many practing monks had visited this famous worshipped mountains in acient period because Hakone had a rugged topography. Saint Mangan Shonin was one of them and he founded this Shrine receiving a divine message in 757.

Mt.Komagatake located near Hakone Shrine is a stratovolcano that has been active since around 27,000 years ago. You can see that there are many layers of lava flows rushed out from near the summit of Mt.Komagatake.
The stone steps to the main hall of the shrine was built on a steep slope, which is on the cliff at the edge of the lava flow and the worship main hall stands above the lava flow.

This Shrine deity has been enshrined for more than 1250 years and many historical top worriers and top priests had come this shrine to pray for the win of their battle, peace of thier territory and success of their belief.
That is why this shrine is called as “Kanto Sochinju (local Shrine deity) and Hakone incarnation”.

You can see the historical exhibits such as ancient picture scrolls, ancient letters of famous historical top worriers and precious objects & offerings from past imperial Households in Hakone Shrine sanctuary located inside Hakone Shrine.

Around 89 stone steps are located in the center of Hakone Shrine from the inner Shrine passing through Torii to lakeside. These steps are surrounded by many sacred trees and you can see brilliant Torii with vermillion color and inner shrine. You will feel something which bring us the power of fortune.   

In this shrine, you can also find the Shingu of Kuzuryu-Shrine whose deity bring power of matchmaking.

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                                                                                    By Kashima