My profile

Hideo Kashima

Place of residence

Gunma Prefecture

Job experience

At first I had worked for one of biggest Electric Company in the world which manufacture various type of Electrical products including information technology, heavy Electrical products such as train & Elevator, consumer Electrical products and semiconductor so-on since graduating from a university (master grade) in Kobe. I had a task roll of design development of Semiconductor for Video movie appliance in Japan and semiconductor marketing for 5 years in USA. Secondly, I had worked for one of big global Electric part Company which manufacture connectors for Electrical appliance usage. I had a task roll of quality assurance cooperating with the global college including USA, Europe (Ireland, Germany, France), China and Southeas Asia. As a result, I have communicated with various people from various countries and I have become interested in introducing Japan to them. That is why I made decision to become an English tour guide. I acquired a tour guide license issued by the Japanese Government in 2017 and have started this new career.

Primary Itinerary

By introducing Japan to non Japanese tourists, I would like to do my best to serve the best customized private tours in Japan that you and your family are looking forward to enjoying the fantastic experience as below.

  • Sightseeing of natural scenic spots, historical landmark and cultural assets
  • Strolling of the bustling streets & town such as Ginza and Shinjyuku
  • Traditional performing arts & events enjoyment such as Kabuki & Sumo-training
  • Famous relaxation spots enjoyment such as Onsen and Japanese bar
  • Crafts art of Japan experience such as Sake brewery and Bonsai museum