Earthquake-resistant construction method of Tokyo Sky-tree

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest self-standing broadcasting tower (634meters) in Japan and is located about 1km east of Asakusa which is one of the main amusement center where the atmosphere of Shitamachi (traditional shopping, entertainment and residential district in Tokyo) is still preserved.
The external appearance of Tokyo Skytree is designed to have beautiful curves similar with that of traditional Japanese architecture such as the five-story pagoda as shown in below photo. Also, Tokyo Skytree apply the earthquake-resistant construction method which has been used in the five-story pagoda of Nikkou-Toshogu shrine which was built in 1615 (around 500years ago). This technology is called “ “Shinbashira-Seishin” (Central Colum Vibration Control for mitigation of seismic movement). In order to make the tower stable enough to resist winds and earthquakes, the center pillar is suspended from the fourth floor and hangs 10cm above the ground.
This is amazing fact that the technology established 500 years ago in Japan as the traditional Japanese craftsmanship skill can still be applied for most advanced tree tower of Tokyo Skytree at present. This show how the traditional Japanese craftsmanship skill is highly well considered and accurate leading technology.


Tokyo sightseeing spots

  • Asakusa
    The bustling are of Tokyo where the atmosphere of Tokyo’s traditional downtown is preserved. You can enjoy several interesting spots such as “Thunder gate”,
    “a shopping arcade called Nakamise Street: a shopping street lined along the temple
    in the precincts”, “Two-story Treasure House Gate”, “Five-story Pagoda”,“Asakusa Shrine”, “popular entertainment district” and Tokyo Skytree.
    In Asakusa, “Deities & Buddha” and “Humanity: human touch” are well mixed.
  • Ginza, Shinjuku / Strolling of the bustling town & street

    1. Ginza
    Ginza is the best graceful and sophisticated town in Japan where a lot of brand name shops are lined along the street and all kind of luxurious and delicious food restaurants are gathered. (photo: below left & middle)
    Kabuki Theater (photo: below right) is located in the eastern end of Ginza that was built in 1889. You can enjoy not only attending a performance but also lots at the atmosphere including the Kabuki gallery on 5th floor.


    2. Shinjuku
    Shinjuku station is the place where the world top number of passengers are getting on and off with more than 3million per day and one of the best tourist spot in Japan.
    - Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: Japan stroll-style pond garden, English garden, French garden are well mixed in this Garden. (Photo: below left)
    - (Tokyo) Metropolitan Government office: (Photo: below middle)
    - The Outer Gardens of the Meiji Shrine: (Photo: below right) tokyo

    - Shinjuku Kabukicho: Kabukicho is the most crowded amusement area in Japan including Golden street (photo: below left), Godzilla sight spot (photo: below second left). Food restaurant, Manga-café, Izakaya-bar, Drinking bar, Pachinko parlor, amusement facilities such as Samurai Museum (photo: below second right) & Robot restaurant (photo: below right) , movie theaters and so-on. tokyo
    - Omoide Yokocho: A lot of small scale of old style food restaurant are lined in both side of the Omoide Yokocho street and serve various kinds of Japanese food such as Yakitori (Grilled chicken), grilled eel, grilled giblets and so-on. (photo: below left)
    - Hanazono-Shrine (photo: below rught): This shrine deity is the local guardian god of Shinjuku where various kinds of entertainment by performers are periodically held and anytime very crowded.


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